Biodynamic Psychotherapy

When I was 17 years old, my father was falsely diagnosed as sound and healthy. He died from cancer not even a year later. For him the allopathic medicine was of no help. In the last months of his life he found some peace in recapitulating his life with the help of a psychologically trained, evangelic priest. My father himself said if he had opened up for this approach to life earlier he might have not needed cancer to get aware of his unconscious patterns. I found this as the foundation for my inquisitiveness in psychology and psychosomatic medicine. I started to study psychology at the age of 21.

After 2 years at University my head was full of theories, none of which would have been of help to my father at all. Desperately I was searching for ways that were beyond intellectual knowledge. Eventually I came across the Biodynamic Psychology of Gerda Boyesen. Only one introductory weekend into her astounding approach convinced me to take part in a 5-year training program, conducted by Gerda, Mona-Lisa and Ebba Boyesen and several other skilful and heart-centred trainers.

Five years of unsparing and profound self-experience and body-centred self awareness training based on the fundamental humanistic depth-psychology of Wilhelm Reich, C.G. Jung, S. Freud and the discoveries of Gerda Boyesen herself led me out of my brimful mind and back to my senses, literally. I ceased my obsession with saving others and became aware of my own wounds and needs. I met the necessity to heal myself first.

Now, 15 years later, after being an assistant in the last training program for 2 years, I feel well equipped to guide and counsel those who are willing or in need to find insight, relief and healing through the exploration of themselves.


One of the powerful tools of the Biodynamic is the intuitive and methodical Biorelease®-Massage. It can be a helpful means to dissolve stress-related tensions and the embodiment of long-term malposition. It fosters body-consciousness, activates the innate Self-regulation and it can be simply enjoyed to feel home in your own body.

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